ANDREW - Standing Doberman



POLISHED 95 x 85 x 23cm = 30 700 AED 

POLISHED 130 x 116 x 32 cm = 41 400 AED 

More sizes upon request 

Technique : Stainless Steel Sculpture

Edition : Limited Edition of 10

About the sculpture: Cheetah as a spirit animal, calls us to clearly set our goals, be focused on achieving them and react fast in doing so. Sitting cheetah reminds you about the need to take time off to rest. Cheetah charges like a bullet. This spirit animal encourages us to think and achieve big. It teaches us there are no limits other than the ones we set ourselves.

Andrew is a talented sculptor and metal artist. He works exceptionally well with low poly steel sculptures, creating the perfect forms of animals in his workshop. Andrew feels and shows the absolute harmony and beauty of animals. Andrew’s sculptures are mysterious creations having sophisticated nature intended to give a glimpse into soul of the animal. Andrew’s unique collections, created with the best high-quality materials, reflect his passion for shape perfection and craftsmanship techniques. His ambition with every work is to sculpt the character, the presence, the movement and the likeness of the animal so that fleeting spark of excitement, passion and beauty can endure. To capture the life, the energy and the willingness of spirit in steel is a huge, never-ending challenge to which he is becoming increasingly addicted.

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