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Luke Newton - Beretta in Crayons - White - 2020


Luke Newton - Beretta in Crayons - White - 2020


About Luke Newton: 

Have you ever paid attention to the little things in everyday life? They are wonderful if you spend time appreciating them..."  Luke Newton, the young British artist who graduated from Saint Martin's School, shares his vision of contemporary society through his works inspired by the little things in everyday life. Like a flash and with no apparent correlation, his artworks encourage the imagination to quickly zip from one image to the next Turning iPods into defensive weapons, hiding iconic images in QR codes, and lining up symbolic red stickers on canvas, Luke Newton accumulates the most mundane things from his daily life and interprets it in a subversive way. His works reflect a society in which he believes everyone is trying to renew themselves and create within the confines of routine. Luke Newton's interpretation is always with a British humor. His works are able to stimulate the imagination of the audience by bringing them into a dimension of derision and gravity. He has cooperated with many artists and in his own right, Luke Newton is a multi-form artist transposing between sculpture, painting, drawing and collage. In his work, traditional disciplines are challenged, and rather than tools become the subject of the artist's communication.

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