RAKEL WAJNBERG - 33 cm Malab'Art Rolling Stones


Title : Rakel Wajnberg - Malab'Art Rolling Stones 

Technique : Chromed Resin , paint, plexiglass 

Dimension : 33 x 18 cm 

Edition: Unique Piece 

Born in Paris in 1971, Rakel Wajnberg draws and paints since her early childhood. Passionate about fashion, drawing, traveling and most of all painting, she uses canvas to share her passions with her viewers. She studied fashion at the Esmod school and this is where she took the habit of not throwing anything, as everything can be reused one day: a button, some pins, an old piece of lace.

In painting and drawing since always, Rakel Wajnberg has carved out a place of choice in Contemporary Art, and more particularly in Pop Art in barely 10 years. Better still, she has become a must and juggles between her painter and visual artist hat brilliantly. Known and recognized for her strong and singular identity endowed with an unprecedented dose of optimism and cheerfulness, she created her own movement: Rebel’Art. Between canvases enthroning the icons that fascinate her like Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Marylin or even Kate Moss and Gainsbourg.

Indeed, coming to life in 3D, the sculptures made by hand in unique pieces take up the design of the famous chewing gum dear to the permissive years.

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