ANNA KARA- La Jeunesse Doré


Dimension : 80 x 65 x 60 cm
Technique: Sculpture en résine et poudre de marbre - plus de 140 éléments
Edition : Exemplaire unique et signé 
Certificat : Un certificat d’authenticité signé par l’artiste est délivré

Anna Kara is a designer who does everything with hands .She uses resin and marble powder for her creations, and we find on each skull more than 150 details. Born in 1980, Anna Kara grew up during the 1980s and was inspired by the artistic culture of the time. The 1980s were a turbulent period culturally, and were marked by growing global capitalism, global mass media, significant discrepancies in wealth, alongside a distinctive sense of music and fashion, epitomised by electronic pop music and hip hop. 




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