BANKSY - Peckham Rock 2018 - Origin: The British Museum.


BANKSY - 2 Peckham Rock 2018- Origin: The British Museum.

X2 Peckham Rock printed in colours on cardboard with the Courtesy of Pest Control Office of Banksy tag on the verso.

Released for the opening of the I Object exhibition sold for a limited time only, already sold out.

Sold farmed with the receipt from the British Museum.

Size: frame: 33 x 24 cm x 3 cm 

Edition: Sold for a limited time only, already sold out.

More about Peckham Rock :

Banksy’s ‘Peckham Rock' is a piece of concrete showing a supposed prehistoric figure pushing a shopping trolley. This was placed in The British Museum in 2005, accompanied by an authentic looking information label and was there for three days before anyone realised something was amiss.


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