Technique: Mixed Media

Size : 70x70x6cm
Limited edition : number 1/8

Information about the artist: 

Christophe Catelain  born in France in 1972, is a visual artist photographer, from the 'Urban & Contemporary' environment.

A marriage of Pop Culture, Street Art and photographs taken around the world.

“Everything becomes inspiration with a multi-media lifestyle…I like… I denounce & compose with the sandstone of the news and feed me on future projects…” says Christophe.
Cradled by the Pop Art culture & influenced by that of Street Art,  Christophe Catelain  “visuals” made up of a thousand images nested and married to each other, using various techniques (Plexi & wood sculptures, Led box, edition under plexiglass…).
The collections have passed through New York, Singapore, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles.

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