ODN- “Angelina Jolie” 2019


Title: ODN- “Angelina Jolie” 2019 

Material: Mixed Media 

Size: 135x110cm 

Edition: Limited Edition of 7

Certificat : Un certificat d’authenticité signé par l’artiste est délivré

ODN’s Description:

“It restores the world of Graffiti, Tag and Street Art”. ODN wants to show creative strength and impact on your life. The universe of ODN is in charge of artistic references which he claims true various influences he uses in his own way while having fun to foil the codes. ODN has a clean style, made of clearly defined shapes by a thick line and treated in solid colors and whiteout shadows. His works are singularized by the saturation of the colored surfaces. He is at the origin of the movement. “TAGARTISTIK” in which he claims the aesthetic of the tag. He surprises us and charms us, both in substance and in form, with a rage to paint as a guideline. Considered as a “Serial Letters”: it exhibits colorful works composed of solid flashy colors with numbers and black letters with perfect shapes. Assumed artworks that mix originality and singularity through the use of a custom alphabet. 

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