Pindon Beach - Mat Beetson


Technique : Photographie

Dimension : 150x107cm ou 120x180cm

Edition : Édition limitée à 5 exemplaires

Certificat : Un certificat d’authenticité signé par l’artiste est délivré

About this photography : Pindan Beach known as 'red soil' country locally is located in the Kimberley region near Broome, Western Australia. The naturally occurring orange and red colour comes from the 'Pindan' cliffs that line the shoreline. Yearly, this area attracts over a hundred thousand migratory birds. It is this shoreline that the birds are normally found in abundance and is a favourite spot for the avid bird watcher.  The image was captured early in the morning during a high tide to contrast the water and the shoreline beautifully. The 'pindan' soil finishes where the water reaches, the waters' colour is formed by the 'silty' light grey/white mud found on the the ocean floor providing this two colour tonality to the image. 

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