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Simon Procter -The Beach Cruise Spring/Summer 2019 /Le Grand Palais Paris


Chromogenic Print acrylic mounting 

Edition : Expo Dubai - Special Limited Edition of 15 - certificate of authenticity 

120 x 215 cm - $ 11 000  / 40 500 AED

90 x 162 cm - $ 9 000  / 33 000 AED

50 x 90 cm - $ 7 000  / 25 500 AED


About the picture: Chanel transformed the Grand Palais into an ocean liner for its Cruise 2019 show. Karl Lagerfeld took guests on a trip to the beach, creating an entire beach nearly as good as the real thing. Guests were seated on the sand, on top of wood pallets, to see the models saunter across the sand in time with the real waves under the watchful gaze of Chanel’s lifeguards. A set that mimicked reality, you could almost forget Paris’ grey skies under the blue sky with your feet in the sand...

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