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Simon Procter -Thousand /Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 /Le Grand Palais PARIS


Chromogenic Print acrylic mounting 

Edition : Expo Dubai - Special Limited Edition of 15 - certificate of authenticity 

117 x 300 cm - $ 12 000 - 44 000 AED

90 X 231 cm  - $ 9 000 - 33 000  AED

50 X 128 cm  - $ 7 500  / 27 500 AED

About the picture : A couture salon with mirrors from top to bottom, echoing the house on rue Cambon. Obviously, a nod to Coco Chanel who liked to observe the effervescence through its mirrors on rue Cambon.

Simon view : The scene was all mirrors and bouquets of lilies. It reminded me of some old Hollywood film set and it was wonderful. Karl led Lily-Rose Depp along the runway for the finale. I produced an earlier work of this show (The Palace of Mirrors) and recently made this piece. I had used my P65+ Mamiya/Phase One, which produces an incredible amount of resolution. Studying the footage I couldn't believe how much detail there was, repeated over and over in the hall of mirrors. It gave me the idea to composite as many shots of Karl and Lily-Rose as possible into one single image.

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