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Simon Procter -The Forest Haute Couture /Spring Summer 2013 /Le Grand Palais/Paris


Edition: Expo 2021 - Dubai Special limited edition of 15

Sizes & Prices: 

180 x 278 cm - € 15 500 /  $ 18 000 / AED 66 000
120 x 185 cm € 10 000 /  $ 12 000 / AED 44 000
90 x 139 cm - € 8 000 /  $ 9 000 / AED 33 000

Collector certificate: Delivered with a nominative certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist with the exclusive mention "Expo 2021 Dubai Special Limited Edition"

Medium: Chromogenic Print in Diasec ( Acrylic & Aluminium Mounting )

About the picture  : This was the first time that seen the fashion show as an immersive environment, its own world I was honestly blown away. The Grand Palais had been completely transformed. My assigned Chanel contact led me along a wooden pathway that went through the trees, the concrete giving way to white sand, and finally into the show space. A large wooden arena had been built within a pine forest set, like something from the we coast of France. The palisades were weathered and gray and the trees were real Tiny speakers had hidden high up in the branches and they subtly played birdsong A blue mist hung over the forest, it was incredible and beautiful I chose my position and waited for the show it felt magical to be in a forest inside a glass palace. At that moment in time France was furiously debating the law on same-sex manage in a brilliantly understated response the finale of the couture show was two young brides and their child.


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