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Thierry Le Gouès - Soul 29


Titre : Thierry Le Gouès - Soul 29

Edition : Tirage argentique limitée à 15 exemplaires

Taille : 120 x 200 cm 

Certificat : Tirage signé et numéroté et certificat d’authenticité 

Prix: 17 500 €

About the Series SOUL : At times Thierry Le Goues appears to be more of a sculptor than a photographer. His photographs of female nudes seem to depict figures more chiseled from stone than made of flesh and blood. Some images echo the streamlined, abstract human forms of sculptor Constantin Brancusi. In other shots, the stark contrast of light on the models' dark skin makes them appear like graceful, futuristic automatons. Le Goues, a fashion photographer by trade, began taking and collecting the photos for this book in order to expose the beauty of black women, whom he feels are underrepresented in the world of high-fashion modeling. Of the finished collection, he says: " Soul is an homage to my medium, which is the models who are my inspiration." To create his inimitable signature portraits, Le Goues covers his models--women such as Naomi Campbell and Iman--in greasepaint and poses them against stark, vacant backgrounds to heighten the sculptural elements of their forms. The resulting photographs are sensual, stirring, and beautiful works of art.

Biography Thierry Le GouesBorn 1964 in Brest, France and lives in Paris. Began his career as a fashion photographer in 1986 working for the Conde Nast group. In Italy: Vogue and l’Uomo Vogue, marie claire. In France: Glamour, Vogue Homme International and VOGUE In England: Arena, Vogue, ID and Elle. In the USA: Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Detour, Interview, Vogue, W magazine and Flaunt magazine.In China : Harper’s BazaarIn Spain : Marie Claire.

Soul :  Powerhouse Books, New York 1997

Popular: Powerhouse Books, New York, November 2000

Amazones:  Paco Rabanne, French Editions.Havana

Boxing Club: Powerhouse Books, New York, 2015.

Magazines : In 2002 Thierry le Goues creates the fashion. Magazine «french revue de modes» A bi-annual luxury fashion magazine.


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