Winnie Denker - Le Tout Paris -


This light box is a personal order from the former president Mr Jacques Chirac for the City of Paris in 1987 at the occasion of the Bicentenary of the French Revolution

Technique:  Light box with dimmer
Dimension:  225  x 115 cm
Certificate:  A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist is issued

About Winnie Denker:
Born in 1940, Winnie Denker is one of the most acclaimed photographers of her long career. His longevity allows his works to be exhibited by many private collectors as well as at the Museum of Saint Petersburg. Its light boxes are made with obsessive meticulousness and  by   hand in which the LEDs are placed  in   very precise places. A work of craftsmanship that only insiders can appreciate. The manufacture of a single box light can take several weeks, due to the meticulousness of the work on the light which must reproduce the vision of the artist. Winnie Denker is the author of 6 books and more than a hundred exhibitions around the world. 


  • Winnie Denker: The United States Time Life UK coll. “Library of Nations”
  • Winnie Denker and Jean-Paul Desprat: Paris, Rizzoli International Publications, 1992
  • Winnie Denker and Gisela Umenhof: Paris.  
  • Françoise Sagan and Winnie Denker: The Eiffel Tower: A Centenary Celebration Andre Deutsch Ltd
  • Winnie Denker and Françoise Sagan: The Sentinel of Paris, Robert Laffont 1988
  • Brigitte de Montclos and Winnie Denker: Civilization of Saint-Petersburg Place des Victoires, 2014
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