YULIA SABO - Poker Party


Price : 14500 AED/ $4000

Mixed Media on canvas spray acrylic and collage

90x70 cm

Unique piece


Yulia Sabo is an Artist originally from Ukraine. She grew-up in a city near Odessa and moved to Europe early 2010, the Artist has always painted since her young age and studied Art School of Ukraine. She worked in design and graphic environment until 2013 in Europe. Starting her career portraying Impressionist landscapes oil painted with knifes, it’s around 2016 that she discovered the “Graffiti” which had an immense impact on her vision and completely changed her style and technics. Miss Sabo gets her inspiration from numerous travels around the globe and the love of Pop Culture and the luxury world; Alec Monopoly is one great source of inspiration to the artist using varied materials including stencils, smart paint, epoxies and varnishes. She also likes the fact to paint a lot of different surface or doing sculptures using metalwork and epoxies as well as creating her fashion line or customizing timeless luxury accessories such as bags, shoes or even hats. Making the most amazing blend of these two worlds with a relentless source of creation, she is portraying iconic Pop Culture celebrities or cartoon characters with her vision.


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